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We are now offering overnight flounder trips.  If you've ever done this type of fishing you know how exciting and fun it can be.  We leave the dock around 9PM and slowly cruise the bay looking for the elusive flounder.  We use high powered spot lights and slowly search the sandy bottom for signs of the fish.  There's something about the bay at night that makes the trip magical.  The stars, the darkness, the quite all add to the excitement and the memory.  Besides catching fish you'll also be treated to a whole ecosystem that can only be seen at night. 


The flounder is considered by many as the most delicious fish found in the bay when it comes to table fare.  We know where to find the fish, and we can teach you how to catch them.  Prices start at $500 for a party of two.


Book a trip with us today for a memory that will last a lifetime. 

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